Monthly Archives: April 2017


WOW- its been an atrocious winter. I have lost 5 horses this winter to severe weather. All horses in Arizona have been severely hit. I have been to many other stables to see emaciated horses. And its not the owners fault. We have been feeding beet pulp and feed and quality hay this winter to no avail till now in end of April. We have 3 left and hope the start looking better as the have now.

I have been in and out of hospitals due to operation in January. I have a 3 inch hole in my abdomen that is healing with a wound vac. I am seeking employment to help offset costs here. I prefer to work in horse industry as a manager as i was trained to do and combine it with the business sense and experience. I have spoke to a man named dan and we are talking about working  another place in Flagstaff. I hope it all works out.