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All Horse Training and People Teaching

We are open to lessons and horse training. Mike Has 45 years experience in western and English riding as well as training. Call 928 716 3120 for appointment. Come ride out in the country where its peaceful. Miles of trails and Arena to work out in.

We are also offering board , full care . 200 a month. Green pastures.

Building A Natural Arena

I have been so postponed from operations and healing and recovery. We now have time to build an arena. We are building out of natural tree limbs and old wood around property to keep it looking natural. I am looking forward to training my horses finally. Great place for lessons.


WOW- its been an atrocious winter. I have lost 5 horses this winter to severe weather. All horses in Arizona have been severely hit. I have been to many other stables to see emaciated horses. And its not the owners fault. We have been feeding beet pulp and feed and quality hay this winter to no avail till now in end of April. We have 3 left and hope the start looking better as the have now.

I have been in and out of hospitals due to operation in January. I have a 3 inch hole in my abdomen that is healing with a wound vac. I am seeking employment to help offset costs here. I prefer to work in horse industry as a manager as i was trained to do and combine it with the business sense and experience. I have spoke to a man named dan and we are talking about working  another place in Flagstaff. I hope it all works out.

look folks we need some help – we came up with a water problem of our water guys overcharging us and at 200 a month for water i had to put a stop to it, I had to purchase a 11k generator and a water transfer pump to haul our own water. We have a community well here but need a 10k generator to activate the pump.
BUT all we have to haul water with is a cart and suzuki 4 cyl car. WE ARE DESPERATE FOR A TRUCK PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP. I only have to go 2 miles to get the water. If anyone can donate an old truck. Were in the process of trying to get one but will take time. Even a loaner for a couple of

Second half of barn done

We finally completed the second half of barn and made repairs to what i called a barn.


Our Goal Is to lets cancer kids enjoy with their families

These families have so much stress upon them we want to offer the family a week in the woods , riding , sitting out by a campfire under the stars listening to the silence we never hear. To be at peace with each other and the world. We have some of the most beautiful country and mountains. We are trying to get going for these kids. this is a 10 year dream of mine since i lived a charmed horse life as a teen. enclosed in this post is the organizations we intend to serve.



cancer girl

Now Accepting Donations

Folks were into 50,000 already and we have just begun. We need a Pavilion,chicken coops,goat pens and Horse pens and arena. We offer riding for donation come on up and feel free to go riding. All our horses are kid safe and beginner safe.



2 horses Saved From the kill Pen

We saved 2 tennesse walkers form the kill pen in La. They are due to arrive end of august.


Come See Dolphin Rock

We discovered a boulder in the shape of a dolphin. I think god is trying to tell me i’m finally home since i used to work with dolphins. I dedicate this rock in the memory of Kipper a dolphin friend of mine that taught me so much of how to communicate with animals


Horses are in and loving it with 2 more on their way

Were well on our way to getting started and we need your help. We can use hay feed wood new or used. were looking for old trailers that we can refurb. Any used tack or saddles we welcome.
Were also selectively Taking older horses that need to be retired or semi retired. They have 25 acres of grass to play on and can relax in the cool Arizona area of seligman.
Call Mike at 928-716-3120
If you want to book an outing feel free to call. We have over 350,000 acres out here to play on . Plenty of wildlife and beautiful scenery with butes. We have a greenhouse with lots of plants.