Horses are in and loving it with 2 more on their way

Were well on our way to getting started and we need your help. We can use hay feed wood new or used. were looking for old trailers that we can refurb. Any used tack or saddles we welcome.
Were also selectively Taking older horses that need to be retired or semi retired. They have 25 acres of grass to play on and can relax in the cool Arizona area of seligman.
Call Mike at 928-716-3120
If you want to book an outing feel free to call. We have over 350,000 acres out here to play on . Plenty of wildlife and beautiful scenery with butes. We have a greenhouse with lots of plants.

We would like to thank


Sydney from Horses for Hero’s in las vegas for donating the horses and to Ophelia from godfry transport for transporting our horses and donating 2 more horses. Thanx to these ladies we on our way to getting where we want to be.(now if i had some saddles we may be able to ride them lol)

Your Hosts

Mike And samantha have over 40 Years experience. Mike is a master farrier trained under Red Tomlison in mIchigan and was one of his instructors for 2 yrs. Mike is also an Equine Dentist and vet tech. He has worked stables and received a certificate in equine management.


trail riding in Arizona


Electric Fence going in 5-3 -16  20 acres.


The First Of our Horses Due May 16

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Ground Breaking Has Begun

Ground Breaking Has Begun – we have 2 units up there and more to go.

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