Monthly Archives: March 2018

Sad to Say

It is a heavy heart that we give up our dream of being a dude ranch for cancer kids. We do this because of lack of interest and no donations or help. Mostly to the hostility of surrounding towns and people in this area. No one wants to see anyone get ahead or do good for other people. Petty jealousy and rumor mill prevent us from going forward. Plus we have spent over 76,000 dollars setting this up and we are far from done. It seems people are more interested in their phones than going outside and enjoying nature. We will become a training facility and teach kids to ride as well as veterans. It has been an uphill battle but it is insurmountable to fight the public and a group of opinionated bitches who think they own the internet. (sorry truth hurts).Contrary to opinion i have bought my horses and we buy horses that are emaciated and bring back to health from kill pens and field horses neglected. We also take horses that went “SOUR” and work with them. As far as me breeding – thats my business.  to all the people who have harassed me congratulations- you win “a death to a great charity and idea” hope you’re proud of yourselves.