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Horse Consignment

We will sell your horse for you. At wits end, haven’t used your in 6 mos. Have us sell your horse. We have stalls and daily turnout with or without training. Contact Mike at 928 716 3120. We can even transport your horse.

Our Horses

The above are our new additions, Dolly and Danny. Dolly is an Overo and Danny a Morgon Tennesse Walker. Both were left out in a field and ignored.We purchased them to give them a good home.

All of our horses a very loving and gentle and truly enjoy people. When turned loose more times than not they come play with us and want attention. We do not chase horses here they come in for breakfast and dinner.And if we’re late come up to the house to yell at us to feed them.

Stitch – Is our star horse and is loving and gentle

Eagle is the Head honcho here. He is a tobiano Stallion and a walker. And Mikes Horse.

Annie is our other walker and she is smooth as silk to ride.


Belle is a quarter horse and she will be a momma in the fall.

Bell is a quarter horse we rescued, and she will be a mom in fall.

And last but not least our comedian – Big Red. He is a thoroughbred and funny as can be.